Recruit students in the Middle East with the region's proven leader, Global Vision.

  • More than 10,000 students found the right schools over the last eight years through Global Vision.

  • For U.S. and Canadian universities, we're the gateway to Middle Eastern student recruitment.

Global Vision USA Reports:

Why Top U.S. and Canadian Colleges and Universities Are Recruiting in the Middle East

  • Diversity enriches campus life and raises a school's status
  • Many countries in the Middle East give their students full scholarships to approved colleges and universities
  • Countries in the Middle East tend to have quality high schools but not enough colleges for their best students
  • The college-bound U.S. population is shrinking
  • The U.S. is the most popular destination for college students from the Middle East

Another Global Vision Success Story:

I learned from the local newspapers in Jordan about pursuing my Ph.D. degree through Bridge for Academic Services [Bridge is Global Vision's company in Jordan]. I had gone to the exhibition and was guided on how to study abroad. Now, that I have my PhD degree, I'm teaching in the most prestigious universities in Amman, Jordan. I have been waiting for such an opportunity and I thank Bridge and advise, as a Professor, to seek assistance from Bridge only.

  • - Abdel Hafeez Al Hroot