Why Us?

No One Else Has Our Experience & Success

No other Middle Eastern student recruitment company has the experience, success and proven track record of Global Vision. Last year alone, together with our partners, we placed 600 students from the Middle East in educational institutions and English language centers.

25 Years of Experience in the Middle East

Global Vision staff have more than 25 years of experience working in education and training in the region. Our partners, fluent in Arabic, English and French, extend the knowledge and expertise required to provide the comprehensive support our students seek.

Together with our partners, we have a reputation for success and have placed thousands of students in the US and other English-speaking countries.

Global Vision is a member of NAFSA and adheres to its guidelines. We are also an ICEF recognized agency.


Your Partner Throughout the Process

Complete Recruitment Services

Educational Tours to the Middle East

Our partners throughout the region have organized exceptional tours for more than 10 years that are praised by participants. Meeting directly with students, parents and school counselors is the best way to promote your programs and to have a positive impact on applications and enrollment.

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Raising Your Institution’s International Status

Global Vision counselors regularly visit high schools and universities throughout the Middle East and host educational fairs to promote U.S. and Canadian educational opportunities. We mount extensive marketing campaigns (social networking, flyers, advertisements, etc.) to create maximum visibility for our partners. Our counselors know the region well – the customs, how decision-makers operate, the school systems.

Schools aligned with Global Vision gain recognition as being knowledgeable of and dedicated to enriching the education of the Middle East’s leading students.

Meeting your recruitment needs

  • Assuring solid student/school matches to promote academic success and high graduation rates,
  • Working with Middle East school guidance counselors and supporting their activities,
  • Knowing where and how to apply, course offerings, admissions requirements, school comparisons and follow-up with applications,
  • Preparing students for any cultural and academic differences to ease transition and promote success

Visa Assistance

Simplifying the process of receiving student visas

Connect with Students Directly

Education Tours of the Middle East

Our Partners in the Middle East have almost 20 years of experience organizing group tours and special events for colleges, universities and English language centers to connect with students throughout the Middle East.

Global Vision Educational Tours – 2019

September 25 & 26 Evening sessions Jordan $3,000 
September 29 Evening session Oman $1,500
September 30 Evening session Qatar $1,500 
October 1 School visits & evening session Kuwait $1,500 
October 2 School visits & evening session Abu Dhabi $1,500 
October 3 School visits & evening session Dubai $1,500 
October 4 School visits & evening session Cairo $1,200† 
October 6 School visits & evening session Alexandria $1,200† 

† $2,000 if both cities booked

Costs include one night of accommodation per country (two in Jordan), workshop space, airport pick-ups and local transportation, logistical support, marketing, follow-up with students, and local taxes but do not include airfare. We offer significant early-bird registration discounts and reduced rates for second participants.
US passport holders can obtain visas at airports.

These events offer the opportunity to train the staff of our international partners to help you build awareness for your programs. We follow up on all contacts made at these events.

Global Vision events create the perfect opportunity for academic institutions to maximize exposure to key markets in order to meet qualified students and attain their recruiting goals. They are led by educators and counselors who are well versed in local and international educational systems. In addition to students, decision-makers from schools, universities and local companies attend our events, as well as those responsible for placing students.

At the end of each tour, Global Vision will assist you in maintaining contact with students and following up on applications.

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Past Tour Feedback

“Great trip, well organized.”

“Our hosts were wonderful.”

“Overall, a very good introduction to recruiting in the region.”

“Wonderful! Went out of their way to make sure we were comfortable and prepared for our visit. Global Vision counselors are familiar with higher education in the US and with the students needs in the Middle East region.”

At the end of each tour, Global Vision will assist you in maintaining contact with students and following up on applications.

About Us

The Leader In Recruiting Students From The Middle East

Global Vision is the most experienced, most successful and largest resource for undergraduate and graduate students from 10 Middle East countries. Led and staffed by Arabic-speaking educators, trained and experienced both in the Arab world and in the United States, Global Vision provides cross-cultural expertise for Arab students and colleges and universities in the English-speaking world.

Global Vision USA provides comprehensive student counseling services to attract high performing undergraduates and graduates that are most suited for the programs you provide.

In 2016/17, Global Vision and its partners placed over 600 students in the US, Canada, the UK and other English speaking countries.

How can we help you grow your student body?

Global Vision is your partner to recruit diverse, engaged, Middle-Eastern students trouble-free.

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